Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my creative husband

Because this is a "craft-ish" blog, I like to occasionally show the cards my husband makes me . . . if they are not too personal. This one was pretty creative and I just have to brag on my fabulous husband a little . . .

His handmade card complete with matching white daisies . . . which he tells me were hard to find. And he also apologized for buying me daisies . . . as they are in the "weed-like" family and usually drive my allergies crazy. But since I am already sneezing a ton anyway right now, what's a few extra sneezes--the flowers matched the card!

I always give him free reign of my scrapbook room. Even though he uses it several times a year to make me cards, he still has to ask me where certain things are. Does that mean I have too much stuff?

Interpretation of his writing: "You never need to worry. The last petal will always be . . . He Loves Me."

So thankful for him.

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