Monday, May 16, 2011

camping and a layout

This past weekend we went camping! We left on Friday at noon with the intent of staying until Sunday morning. I checked Thursday evening and it said it would be sunny on Saturday . . . they were wrong. In the middle of the night on Friday a windstorm came in and kept Tim and I up half the night. Sleeping in the trailer was like being on a ride, good thing we aren't prone to motion sickness. At least our kids slept like rocks.

Friday afternoon the girls swam in the lake and rode in the canoe . . . I stayed on shore and attempted to get Seth to nap. Tim rigged this umbrella to the bar of the canoe with some heavy duty tape--he hates the sun! I had a good laugh. I had planned on getting my chance to ride in the canoe on Saturday, but when we woke up to freezing cold wind and choppy waters, we packed up and left! 

We've decided that camping is a lot of work with a toddler and are going to wait two more years to try again. Tim is going to sell the pop-up trailer so I can park my van back in the garage. I'm so excited about that! Next time, he wants to buy a trailer that doesn't need to be popped up--they are nice once they are up, but really are just as much work to set up as tents--maybe more! 

Back in March we traveled to the JH Ranch where we stayed for a week. Since the camp is only in session during the summer, it was just our family and it was so relaxing and peaceful. We stayed at Tim's parents' home where they live during the summer months. I made this layout using Green Tangerines May Kit. This has been my favorite kit thus far!

Hope you have a great Monday!

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