Monday, April 25, 2011


What do you do with all of your child's artwork? Is it stashed in a large portfolio behind the sofa? A thin box beneath the bed? Is it collecting dust bunnies on a counter somewhere?

I am a decluttering type of gal. I love placing garbage bags outside on the curb for a local charity to pick up. They frequent our neighborhood, so I am always getting rid of stuff! While I don't pass on my child's artwork, I don't keep it all. I take pictures of most of it, keep a few favorites and then toss the rest. Yes, it was hard to do at first, but my closets thank me on a daily basis . . .

This is what I do with all of those pictures that I take of their artwork! This is a sampling of some of Faith's best artwork at age three. I kept the layout simple so that the focus would be on the artwork. While it would be fun to have a picture of her actually drawing, I didn't have a good one, so I used a picture of her that I had taken at three that I hadn't used on another layout. 

The Design Team is busy working on the samples for the May Kit, and this is just one of the sneak peaks that is going on over at the Green Tangerines Kit Club blog this week. Be sure and check out the other gals cute work! The May kit will be unveiled on May 5th! Stay tuned.

And just a reminder, Ella's Spring Training Event starts today! If you missed the info before, it's not too late to join in the fun . . . here is a sampling of what's going on:

Get Ready to Learn About...

Expert lighting tricks for your photographs
Single-sentence journaling: four simple strategies
How to create a gorgeous stenciled page background
Adding inspiring tricks to your design toolbox
Paint and poetry: a tutorial you'll never forget!
Creating photo-booth effects for your photographs
Distressing 101: paint, sanding, and beyond
Discovering and embracing YOUR signature scrapbooking style
How to "get the shot" that truly captures your subject's personality

Check it out! Have a great day!

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