Tuesday, March 8, 2011

heritage designer's challenge week 8

This week the topic was food. If you are just joining me, feel free to check out the heritage challenge I am hosting at  Green Tangerines. I documented my grandmother's work as a hospital chef--it was a job she took to support herself after her husband (my grandfather I never met) was killed. She had this job for almost 20 years--an important part of her story.

This is a less-than-pefect photo of my grandmother (she looks surprised!), but it's the only one I have of her working in the hospital kitchen. Don't be afraid to use photos that aren't the best--it's the story that you are documenting! This was a huge part of my grandmother's life and I wanted to capture it--good picture or not!

Here are a few questions to get you started on the topic of food:
  1. Do you have a favorite dish that your grandmother or mother used to always make?
  2. Describe a typical family dinner. Who did most of the cooking?
  3. Do you have a special recipe that has been passed down that you make frequently or on special occasions?
  4. What food was served at a holiday meal? What were your favorites?
  5. Do you love or dislike to cook? Who taught you to cook?
  6. Do you have any special memories surrounding food?
  7. What was your grandmother’s or mother’s kitchen like?
Have a great Tuesday!

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Donna Jannuzzi said...

I love the story behind this photo Brenda. You're right that we shouldn't not scrapbook some photos because they aren't "perfect." Thanks for sharing. :)