Friday, March 25, 2011

happy birthday faith!

It was my little girls 5th birthday yesterday. I can't believe she is five already . . . I know that EVERYONE says that about their kids, it's nothing new.

We have a few traditions . . . Tim always takes the day off of work for each child's birthday, we decorate their door with a few small gifts and we all go out for breakfast together. Yesterday we went out to Mimi's for breakfast . . . with a coupon of course! We fed the whole family for $11. Score.

Last Saturday we had the NEMO party that Faith wanted to have. When she turned four, she said she wanted to have a Nemo party when she turned five--she didn't forget. She has never seen the movie, Finding Nemo, but she has seen plenty of Nemo in the stores. She is really into fishing . . . we got Faith her very own fishing pole for her birthday . . . she was so excited! Back to the party . . . All of the outdoor games I had planned . . . cancelled . . . rain.

We always take a picture in front of this birthday sign which I made in MOPS almost 7 years ago! The red balloon fell off in storage this year and my husband kindly hot glued it back on. I didn't notice till I uploaded the photo that he glued it on no where near the "string" it is supposed to be on--ha! My mom made this Nemo dress just for the party. I love the "ocean" look she created with the silky blue top layer. Faith was SO excited to wear this!

Blue ocean punch and blue Jello with gummy fish were a treat for the kids. The jelly beans were for guessing . . . whoever got closest to the number got to take the jar home. Not one kid guessed over 100 jellybeans . . . there were 156. Guess we need to work on estimating . . .

They had to drop a clothespin into the fish bucket below. And of course they won a fish!

Each child got to go fishing for a prize over the banister. They couldn't see the adult below hooking on all the prizes. The kids loved using a real pole!

Tim scored this jump house at a garage sale for $15 a few years back. It has been a lifesaver during really rainy weeks. It was perfect for the party!

I love to make my kids cakes, but Wal-mart wanted to make it this year.

The party-goers. Such great kids.

Happy Friday everyone!

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{Colleen} said...

Looks like loads of fun. I have enjoyed looking at your work. Especially liked your idea of a layout with photos of a day.