Wednesday, October 13, 2010

welcome baby keira!

Just last week, Angie Lucas, co-founder of Ella Publishing brought home her frist child . . . a baby girl! Congratulations Angie and family! Many of us are participating in a virtual blog shower and sending our congrats and new mom advice via the web. 

First tip . . . enjoy this special time. It will fly by.

Second tip . . . take their (your) favorite stuffed animal and take pictures of Keira each month. (This will get harder and harder as they get older!) I picked this idea up from Becky Higgins several years back and have done it with my second and third child--love seeing the changes. Wish I had thought of it with my first! You can see Seth's first and last teddy bear pictures in this post:
I'm hoping to do a layout documenting the teddy bear pictures soon!

Third tip . . . record the moments that we as moms sometimes forget to record . . . the crying, the screaming, the drama. This will be fun to show my daughter when she is my age and dealing with a child's tantrum. Is that mean? Maybe, but I think it will help her feel normal as a mom!

I did this layout about three years ago. This is my drama queen . . . really, she's not that much drama. But compared to my other girl who shows not a stitch of drama whatsoever, I have dubbed my 4-year old my drama queen. : )  She does know how to turn on the tears!

Congratulations again Angie and God bless!

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Angie Lucas said...

Aw, I LOVE this! There is something SO cute about a crying baby face. When Keira screws up her face for a good cry, I can't help but smile for just a second. And I LOVE those pics of your little boy with the bear. Too cute!:)