Thursday, September 2, 2010

waterpark fun

Back in April I used WRMemory Keepers "72 and Sunny Line" to make this layout. I absolutely loved the colors. I loved this line so much that I decided to make another layout with it . . . this one will be on display when Green Tangerines opens back up . . . and it's going to be soon my friends, very soon. I can't wait!

I was trying to make little fountains (the ones that squirt up) like the one Seth is playing in on the right hand side of the layout. They didn't turn out exaclty like that, but I think they are fun just the same.

There is an entire sheet of paper with each letter of the alphabet on it. I cut the "W' out which was perfect for my title. So fun and summery!

We "officially" start our homeschool schedule next Tuesday, even thought we've already been schooling with a relaxed schedule. I have big plans to finish getting all my lessons plans in order this weekend! Have a great holiday weekend! Enjoy the sunshine!

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Christine said...

love it! I saved all my scraps for a summer layout, now I may need to pick up more from that line!