Monday, May 3, 2010


We had so much fun camping this weekend! It's a lot of work to pack everything up, but hopefully that will get easier as we go more frequently. Special thanks to my awesome friends Tara and Amber who provided me with the "ultimate" packing list which they have perfected over the years. We went to Camp Far West and this was our beautiful spot.

I loved that our site was right next to the water since that's what the girls wanted to play in all day. We were able to relax and I took a little nap under the sunshade while Seth napped in the trailer. Tim took the girls out on the raft and exploring. An ice cream truck came through the camp in the afternoon--that was very exciting since we'd never purchased a treat from the ice cream truck before (they always come to our neighborhood during dinner time--weird). We made smore's and played Go Fish and Old Maid. Everyone slept until almost 7am--that's when the boats started up again. We had a great time and the girls can't wait to go again! I am just so happy to find that camping is possible with an infant. (The key was having a sound machine during his afternoon nap so that other campers and boaters didn't wake him up.)

If you have a campground that you love, let me know what it is, thanks! I'll be back with crafty stuff soon . . .


brandi said...

i am so glad you guys had a great time...camping is one of my fav. things in the world. we camp at union valley {up 50} a lot, and collins lake is great for campers and kids!

tginguyen said...

Glad you guys had a great time! I love to camp in Yosemite but that's kinda far for you guys ... perhaps when the kids are a bit older.