Monday, May 24, 2010

a frog birthday

Yesterday, my oldest turned six. Time flies. She wanted a frog party for her birthday . . . don't ask me why.

 I started a tradition this year of decorating the door while they sleep . . . Paige woke up to this.

We started a tradition last year of going to IHOP on the morning of their REAL birthday (daddy takes work off if it's a week day). This year Paige's real birthday happened to be the same day as her party. We go here for the free sundae of course. As we drove away after spending $28 on not-so-great food, my husband said he thinks we need to find a new tradition for the next birthday . . . hhmmm . . . any good breakfast suggestions that also serve you free ice cream? I guess we could just pay for a sundae somewhere else. : ) My girls don't even like pancakes . . . they always order the smiley face one and eat the yogurt tube and bananas that come with it. They eat about two bites of pancake and they don't want anymore.

The annual birthday sign. The frog dress that my mom made for the party.

Since Safeway and Wal-mart don't carry a frog cake, I ended up making the cake. I'll never win any cake decorating awards, but my daughter was pretty impressed. That's all that matters, right? And yes, those are frog Jello Jigglers in the background . . . we also had frog punch and fly dip (black bean dip and chips).

Paige has two friends that have frogs. We asked them both to bring their frogs to the party. The kids all loved this and most of them were brave enough to hold one . . . not me! Gross! Paige's friend Maddie, bought her two mini frogs. They come enclosed in their own little ecosystem, complete with a snail to clean the algae, a plant for oxygen and a few holes to drop the food through. So long as I don't have to do any cleaning or smell anything, I am okay with this. They are pretty cute.

What frog party would be complete without a frog hop race?

She is so excited to turn six!

We let Cottontail run around during the party. He loves a good back rub. The kids got to see the baby ducks as well. They are growing so fast and are enjoying their new mud hole in what was formerly the chicken coop. I'll try and take pictures soon.

Last but not least, Seth turned 10 months on the 20th. I tried my teddy bear picture, but didn't have much luck this time. I've been trying again for the past couple of days and the pictures have only gotten worse. So, I'll leave you with the best one . . . he's trying to jump off the sofa.

Have a great night!


Laura T. said...

So, so cute. What a clever idea! I LOVE the cake. The shape of it reminds me of a cake we made for my son's fifth birthday ... we made him a clock.

mer said...

happy birthday miss paige! time does fly... looks like everyone had a fabulous time :)