Sunday, March 28, 2010

strawberry shortcake party

We had a fun party yesterday celebrating Faith's 4th birthday. I promised my parents I would have pictures up for them to see ASAP! I've unfortunately gotten really sick again in the last week, I had been up to 10 foods I was able to eat. I'm back on the shakes again. Ugh. I was sick all morning and then God have me a 3-hour break for the party! So nice. Not all of Faith's buddies were able to come, so it wasn't too chaotic.

The annual birthday shot next to the Happy Birthday sign. I made this sign my first year in MOPS when my first child was 6 months old. Our kids LOVE putting the birthday sign in the ground every year! Isn't this Strawberry Shortcake dress cute? My mom made it so she would have something special to wear for the party. She loved it! Thanks mom!

While waiting for her friends to arrive, she was surveying the goods. Lots of strawberries!

Does this picture make your mouth water? I sent Tim to the store to buy this special chocolate made for dipping strawberries into, but I couldn't remember what it was called. He came home with something entirely different that wasn't going to work. I happened to have butterscotch chips in my pantry and melted these instead. I wish I could have tried one . . . people told me they were good!

This was the "balloon stomp"game. You tie a balloon on your ankle and try and make sure yours doesn't get popped while trying to pop the others. My girls were really excited about it. Three of the kids did not like this game at all and ran off to get away from the loud popping noise. After a few tears and "Here have a jelly bean," all was well. Guess I learned my lesson . . . wait till kids are at least 10 years old to play this game!

I think we've had a treasure hunt of some sort at every party we've thrown. My girls just love a good treasure hunt. This years treasure . . . strawberry candies of course. Here is Faith dashing underneath the trampoline looking for some candy!

I always try and have some little games for the kids to play, but the trampoline ends up being the biggest hit. And when Tim gets on the trampoline with the kids, it's even more fun!

Since we now have bunnies, we got them out of their cage midway through the party and the kids had a blast chasing and playing with them. So cute!

Check out this cake! This is from Wal-mart. When I ordered the cake she didn't have a picture and showed me the few figurines that she would be using. When Tim brought it home this morning it had this HOUSE on top! And it opens to store all the figures. How cool is that?! Totally unexpected and Faith was thrilled!

I think she liked licking the bottom of the house more than eating her piece of cake. It was loaded with frosting.

My attempt at a group shot.

This picture is from the day before her party. Her Great-Grandma sent her a $5 bill. She's never received money before for a gift. I wish I could have captured a picture of her eyes lighting up. "I got a paper dollar!"

And last but not least, a picture of the girls crashing together at the end of party day in the same bed. On occasion we will discover that they have had a "party" after lights out. I don't know how they fall asleep together like this--at the opposite end of the bed no less. At least we know they love each other.

It was a good day!


MacKenzie said...

Looks like a fun time :-) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Angel said...

Cute Strawberry Party! I am having a strawberry shortcake theme for my little red head who is turning 4! Your redheads are such cuties too :-)