Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a heritage layout

I just loved the February kit from Green Tangerines! So much so that I HAD to make another layout! I am slowing trying to compile my grandmother's stories. Here is one of how she and my late grandfather met.

I had lots of scraps leftover and I lightly glued them down across the top. I then got out my trusty sewing machine and stitched through them. I just love sewing on paper! I then pulled up the paper on either side of the thread to add a little dimension. You can see another variation of this technique with circles here.

These flowers are really fun and easy to make. Cut out your base flower in a random, non-symetrical shape. I think they kind of look like an ameoba--you know, those blobs you saw under the microscope years ago? Cut two more in smaller sizes. Next, crinkle them up completely. Open them back up and stack them. Put a brad or eyelet or whatever you fancy in the center and you have a handmade flower! You can see another variation of this flower here. On these three flowers I inked the edges after I crinkled them up. As you can see the flowers are a completely different shape--I don't have a pattern, I just turn my scissors and roll with it. Happy creating!


Christine said...

I love the layouts of your grandmother...they inspire me to (someday) get the photos from my mom & scrapbook them. I can totally see bits of your grandparents in your girls' faces.

Christal and Craig said...

This was really weird. When I was looking at the pictures I totally saw Craig. He looks just like your grandpa! There's a picture I have of him from High School and they look so similar! Now I know who he looks like! Love to see/hear the stories!