Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentine idea

Looking for a last minute Valentine idea? I made this last year . . . and my husband loved it! At the end of this post you will find a list of ideas you can write on the "coupons" you enclose inside.

I picked up this clear "paint bucket," the pint size, at Beverly's. You can find them at most craft stores. The paper and thickers are from American Crafts. The little letters are from Making Memories.

I tied a bunch of ribbons to the handle. Some are from American Crafts, the others were random ribbons I had on hand and haven't a clue where I picked them up.

More American Crafts goodies on the lid.

I hand cut hearts out of patterned paper that had a solid colored backside. You could use a heart punch as well. The hearts need to be big enough for a small message. I folded them and mixed them in with confetti and Hershey's kisses.

Now for the kicker . . . you have to actually let your husband redeem these coupons at a time of his choosing!

Coupon Suggestions
*A free back rub/foot rub/neck rub, etc…
*A night on the town to a place of your choice
*One candlelight dinner for two
*One full day without me on the computer
*One day to sleep in as late as you want
*Get out of the doghouse free – must be physically presented for redemption
(note to the giver: this coupon requires the complete forgiveness of a minor to midsize foul)
*Free night on the town – you get to get out of the house, I'll stay home with the kids
*One hour of my time – without interruptions
*Remote control coupon – coupon entitles bearer to two hours of hassle-free television watching
*Breakfast in bed
*Romantic dinner – at home; you may choose the menu! Dessert optional...(wink, wink)
*Good for a batch of cookies
*At home Movie & Cuddle time – your choice of movie
*Free chore release – This coupon redeemable for ONE free night with no chores, redeemable at any time
*Good for a day alone – with JUST me or without me
*Good for three wishes. Coupon-giver will satisfy any wish you have (wishes must be legal, affordable, and possible to perform)

I'm sure you can think of other ideas on your own! Have a great Valentine's Day!!

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