Thursday, November 19, 2009

my grandma

My grandma passed away this afternoon. She was 92. We went back to visit her and my parents in Iowa this past February. We knew it would probably be the last time we'd see her. I'm sad that she never got to meet Seth. She's lived near my parents for the last six years; before that she'd lived in Wyoming. My grandpa died 44 years ago and she has lived alone since that time. My parents are taking her back to Wyoming for a service and to be buried next to her husband.

I grew up in Minnesota, and every summer we would drive out to Wyoming to visit both of my grandmas. I remember her making us homeade pizza and occasionally letting us have one of her Pepsi's that she kept stashed under the kitchen sink--a real treat! I always felt special because she reserved the upstairs guest bedroom (my dad's old room) for me to sleep in. My brother and my parents slept in the downstairs rooms--and it smelled like a basement down there.

While in Iowa this past February I went through ALL of her boxes of photographs. My grandpa was a photographer so they had a ton! I have been working on a heritage album of both sides of grandparents. It will be a project that will take me several years, but I do have a few pages done. I was able to ask her some questions on this last visit; I love hearing stories about the lives people have lived. I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell. I will post of few of the pages in the coming week.

This was the last picture I took of my Grandma Fendley. This is a Cathedral quilt she is holding that her mother made. It is the one thing I asked my mom if I could inherit. My grandma also showed me a doll that she wanted me to have that her father gave to her when she was 11 years old, just a few months before he died. The doll was very special to her. My grandma passed in her sleep and she is at home with Jesus now.

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Christine said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's always tough to lose a grandparent, even when you know it's coming.