Tuesday, October 20, 2009

apple hill adventure

Our friends have been telling us about Apple Hill for years. It's over 50 apple farms all in the same area that open their farms in the Fall. They have tons of food, crafts, games, pumpkins and more for everyone to enjoy. We decided to go this past Sunday. It should only take us 45 minutes to get there . . . after getting on the wrong highway, our kids thowing up three times (due to the windy road "shortcut") and hitting major traffic once we got near, we finally arrived after two long hours on the road. We never made it to the popular farms we intended to see . . . we stopped at the closest three with the least amount of traffic just so we could get out of the van. It was still fun and we got some apples and cider. The girls had a great time climbing apple trees and exploring. Next time we'll take the right highway (that is straight) and we'll go on a weekday. My husband now refers to this outing as "Vomit Hill." He said he hopes the layout I'll create was worth it. Here are a few pictures from our day:

Our second throw up stop. Paige still looks a little queasy.

Stopping for a quick photo.

Choosing their apples.

Picking blackberries. Yum!

Climbing an apple tree.

Have a great day!

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Christine said...

I'm so sorry you didn't have a great first time to Apple Hill! I'm assuming you took hwy 49? Better to cut thru Folsom. Anyhow...Benadryl is God's gift to carsick kids :) That "special" medicine has made it possible for us to take Olivia in the car.