Wednesday, January 2, 2013

white christmas

We experienced our first white Christmas as a family and it is one that our kids will never forget! ON Christmas morning, this is the site we woke up to! It was not blizzard like--it was like the snow that gently falls in the movies. Perfection. Total gift from God.

We spent a week at The JH Ranch just the five of us in one of the houses that is empty during the off season. No internet. No phone. No distractions. We had the best time together! Here is our week in pictures:


Happy New Year!

story of the world: volume 2 lapbook

The following lapbook components are a completion of the wonderful lapbook components that Alia started. Due to circumstances out of her control, she was unable to complete Volume 2. I offered to complete them for her and make them available here on my blog for a suggested donation of $3.

I've included the pictures of our lapbook. We decided to make a castle to hold all of our SOTW chapter elements. This is two file folders glued back to back. I spray painted the file folders gray--it took four coats as I was trying to cover a purple file folder. I would recommend spraying the regular manilla colored file folder. I think the colored ones have a slight finish on them that made it hard for the paint to adhere. I let my girls each choose a "castle door" from google images and we printed it on white paper and glued it to our lapbook. The knights are stickers. The letters came from my trusty pile of scrapbook goodies.

To download The Story of the World Volume 2 components for chapters 1-23, go HERE. I hope you and your children enjoy lapbooking together! Thanks for stopping by!

Story of the World Volume 2 (Chapters 24+)

Many hours went into this project. As this is only half of the book, I'm asking for a suggested donation of $3. All donations received will go towards the ministry my husband and I have of sending couples to a week long marriage retreat at The JH Ranch. Blessings to you!

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what you love about lapbooking! If you have a specific question, feel free to email me at johnstonhouse at gmail dot com.

Looking for SOTW 1? (created by Alia) Check in out HERE.

Looking for SOTW 3? Check it out HERE.